International Polar Heritage Committee Conference Proceedings


The IPHC can provide PDFs from its 2012 conference in Hobart (PowerPoint presentations) and the 2014 conference in Copenhagen (Proceedings published by The National Museum of Denmark in association with the National Museum of Greenland.) To request a copy of these documents (they are large files) or if you are aware of polar heritage related papers or documentaries that can be placed online at please email

Polar Heritage Resources

NEW DOCUMENTARY, Climate change and archaeology in Greenland, 2018

The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat has an archive of Antarctic heritage related documents online.
Below are some examples:

Historical and geo-ecological values of Elephant Point, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands, 2017

Deception Island Antarctic Specially Managed Area (ASMA No. 4) , 2017

Hillary’s Hut. Ross Island, Antarctica. Conservation Report, 2017

Managing Antarctic Heritage, British Historic Bases in the Antarctic Peninsula, 2016

Proposal on inclusion of the oversnow heavy tractor “Kharkovchanka” an a HSM, 2015

Arctic Cultural Heritage At Risk (Arctic CHAR), 2017

Remains of Greenland Project, 2017